Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Click on the photo of any of our teachers for more information on their backgrounds, specialties, and interests:

  • Beltran Del Campo

    Violin (Rock/Pop/Irish/Folk), Fiddle, Viola
  • Charles Williams

    Piano, Guitar, Electric Bass, Voice
  • Emily Turner

    Voice, Piano
  • Gustavo Cortinas

  • Hunter Diamond

    Saxophone, Other Woodwinds
  • Ian Walsh

    Guitar, Ukulele, Bass (Upright/Electric)
  • James Weigel

    Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro
  • Jon Weidler

    Piano, Ukulele, Guitar
  • Kitt Lyles

    Bass (Upright/Electric), Guitar, Piano
  • Mel Washington

    Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Bass
  • Patrick Hulseman

    Piano, Guitar, Ukulele
  • Phil Circle

    Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Bass
  • Sherri Stouffer

    Voice, Piano
  • Tom Fairbairn

    Guitar, Voice, Piano, Flute
  • Matt Kowalski

    All Brass Instruments
  • Joe St. Charles

  • Alex Willhite

    All Brass Instruments
  • Jacob Wilson

    Brass, Woodwind, Guitar
  • Tessa Hoffman

    Voice, Piano
  • Sarah Thompson Johansen

  • Josh Calef

  • Karolina Prus

    Piano, Saxophone
  • Mike Maneechote

    Guitar, Cello, Piano
  • Kara Schultz

    Voice, Piano, Clarinet
  • Daina Fischer

    Voice, Piano
  • Nick Adams

  • Kenny Thompson

  • Jeffery Bolling

  • LaNette Urbin

    Violin, Fiddle, Piano