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Kids Music Lessons: Best Value in the City

 Nearly half of the students that take music lessons at Flatts and Sharpe are kids. Our mantra is students only learn to play the music they love.  We offer a non-competitive learning environment in which kids are encouraged to play with each other.

Our teachers understand how to treat children, many of whom have their own kids.  With years of experience, they teach kids how to read, write, and play the music they’re interested in.

The culminating moment of taking lessons at Flatts and Sharpe is the show we put on twice a year. Kids are grouped together based on interest in music and age. After two months of band practices, as well aschildren music lessons, adult group lessons, violin, fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, piano private lessons, kids perform in front of a live audience. They get to experience first hand the thrill of being on stage at an actual music venue. It has been our experience at Flatts and Sharpe that when kids are given a goal they want to achieve and a clear deadline they move forward with an infectious enthusiasm. The Flatts and Sharpe Rock Show keeps moving to bigger and bigger venues. Our shows are sold out events to crowds well over 700. 


We welcome all students to participate in our band program. A student does not need to be enrolled in classes at Flatts and Sharpe to participate. All that is required for our band program is that a student is enrolled in classes with an instructor who is willing to teach the student their part in the band. We do ask that the student schedule a 30 minute evaluation with one of our teachers. The evaluation will make certain that the child has the best experience possible! 

Bands are picked mid February and start band practice in April to participate in the June show and mid August to start band practice in October for the December show. If you are interested in participating in the program please shoot us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Here is what parents have to say…

"My kids who are 10 and 11 years old have been taking lessons at Flatts and Sharpe for a couple of years.  They love the instructors and especially like that they learn how to play "cool" music, not the boring after school band songs. I personally love the staff. I'm a bit over-protective. But, I have no worries when I drop my kids off a the store for lessons.  The staff is welcoming, treats them with respect, engages in coversation with them, and looks out for their musical interest. It's like a store in a small town or one big musical family."

~Kristi Erikson

"Flatts and Sharpe is all around amazing! From super store staff to inspirational instructors, they have fostered a real and abiding love for guitar that will no doubt be a cornerstone in my son's life forever."

~Lori Popernik

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